About ilovemlp.com

Posted 22.9.2011 by Bunny

ilovemlp.com came about in 2003 as a way to document my collection, and a place the share the knownledge I was gaining while my collection grew. Originally the site was coded in basic HTML written in NOTEPAD, and all the images were taken on a 3MP sony digital camera, then moved to a Kodak 880 camera. It seems like a lifetime ago!

Currently ilovemlp.com is scripted in Dreamweaver in php, images are taken with a Cannon t2i, and edited in Photoshop CS5. Fonts featured are Times New Roman, Tahoma, Devine Swash and Pristina. Outlook.com is the current host of the free "yourname@ilovemlp.com' email, and the site its self is hosted through godaddy.com. The ilovemlp.com Online store uses the Zen Cart code platform.
About ilovemlp.com

Posted 15.8.2012 by Bunny

I have been collecting as long as I remember. One of my earliest memories is picking up my first pony, a flat foot collectors pose minty out of a box on the floor of a rummage sale. That is where the obsession started. I am lucky enough to still have many of my childhood ponies in my collection.
In 1998 I discovered online auctions, and started filling in the gaps of my childhood collection. After college in 2003 I started working for Target, which gave me first access to the G3 line and I was able to complete the US collections from 2003 to 2005 while I worked there. During this time I got involved in the collecting community and found out able variants and foreign ponies. It was in 2003 I opened this site to start documenting my collection.