Collecting - Generation One: Year One

The first year of the My Little Pony line was released from 1982 to 1983. Only six small pastel colored horse figures were released, each packaged separately on a card and fixed into place under a plastic bubble. A simple collection of repeating symbols are painted on each side of the pony as decoration. The tail and mane on each pony is long and able to be brushed and styled. Also, each pony came with a ribbon and a basic small comb. This group has become known to collectors as "Flat Foot," or FF because the bottom of each hoof is flat, unlike later releases in this pose, where the bottom of the hoof is concave (note image below). The pose that each pony stands in also has a term throughout the collecting community; it is known as the "Collector's Pose." This pose has a rigid feel to it as the pony faces forward with all four legs straight and each hoof flat on the ground. (Click on an image to enlarge)