Generation One: Year Two

Year two brought many new characters to the shelf during 1983 and 1984. The theme was still kept the same as the first year, small colorful horses with a collection of symbols on each side, but new types of ponies were introduced like Unicorns, Pegasi, Sea Ponies, and the familiar Earth ponies. Play sets also were introduced this year, bringing in a much larger line up then the first year. Year two was a very big year for the brand, as it gained popularity, introduced some of the most memorable characters, and became a common household name amongst young girls.
Two familiar characters from the first year returned to the shelf slightly altered. Cotton Candy and Blossom were released again with concave hooves, slightly altered packaging, and a floral designed brush. These are the only main differences between this release and the previous year. The body color, symbols and hair were kept so close to the originals that the hooves are the main way to tell the difference. These two characters are some of the best known of the line, although they do not appear again in the retail line in adult form. Both do show up again later in the line as special mail order offers. What differs in the set from the mail order versions is a slight variation in the body color. Both are a lighter color, Blossom having more of a pink hue then the mail order releases and Cotton Candy being a lighter pink then her hair color, which the mail order releases body color is darker then the hair color. All releases in the "Collector's Pose" from this set forward the concave, or pushed in hooves. (Click image to enlarge)

Two new molds for the Earth Pony type were made for this year. Earth Pony is a collector's term given to a pony without wings, a horn, or any other special attributes or features. This new set of Earth Ponies contained a lot of firsts for the My Little Pony line, and a lot of lasts. The "Sitting Pose" mold design made its first and only appearance in the US line here in year two. Seashell and Bubbles contain all the characteristics of a My Little Pony, but the two hind legs are bent and the front are extended, making the pony "sit." Both have a white blasé or diamond marking on the nose. The "Shy Pose," features Bowtie and Applejack. This is a slight variation of the "Collector's Pose" with the head turned to the side. These two have a collection of small white freckles on each cheek. The blasé and freckles in this group do not reappear again in the US adult pony collection.

The Pegasus body style was another new form, and My Little Pony type used during year two. The pose is similar to the "Collector's Pose," as the pony is facing forward, but differs as one front leg is raised off the ground and the back legs are bent, as if the pony is about the take flight. The molded wings centered on each side of pony identify her as a Pegasus. This mold was the first used in the brand that featured a pony with an open mouth, and was the only mold used for Pegasus style ponies this year, also this mold appears again later in the line. The symbols are still simple designs, but are created with metallic glitter instead of paint. The glitter used to create the symbols flakes off fairly easily, leaving many ponies with this type of marking with a partial to no symbol left after heavy play.

Unicorns joined the herd this year as well. Two molds were created for this additional new type of My Little Pony. Both molds include a spiral horn at the top center of each horse's head. Glory and Twilight have a raised leg as if they are pausing while in stride. Sunbeam and Moondancer are in a walking pose. Each pony has a simple glitter symbol, however this group contains member that don't have a repeating symbol. Glory, Sunbeam, and Moondancer each have either a single image or a picture as their marking, not just a collection of repeating shapes. This group is the first to have a two tone, multi-color mane. Each has a short row of plugs filled with a contrasting color of hair, creating a streak, which is used frequently later in the line with other characters.

Rainbow Ponies were the highlight of Year Two's lineup. Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies were all joined together in this set. The unicorns are featured in the "pause pose" while the Earth ponies are in the "shy pose". Glitter symbols sparkle on each member of this set. Each member of the set has a rainbow of hair in the mane and tail. The mane, starting at the top of each pony's head is a magenta section of hair, followed by yellow, green, and ending with bright cyan. The tail is a blend of the mane's colors.

Sea Ponies, first introduced in Year Two, were the first my Little Pony Figures to have an aquatic body type. Sea Ponies are in the style of a sea horse, with no legs, and a tail that is molded into a spiral. Fins with tips painted to match the pony's hair color are present on each side of the body. The head of a Sea Pony looks very similar to that of a standard My Little Pony, with brush-able hair and large, bright eyes. There is no symbol on the Sea Ponies; they are only differentiated by their body and hair color. Inside the molded tail there is a weight in each to keep them afloat upright when in water, also a small hole is behind the ear to present allow water to drain out of the body after water play. Each Sea Pony came with a plastic shell with a suction cup on the back. The pony could be perched in the shell to dry after play or for display. A Ribbon and shell shaped comb and brush were also included.

Play sets first appeared in Year Two as well. They contained many of the most remembered characters and accessories. The Pretty Parlor with Peachy and Twinkles the cat is the best known playset throughout the first generation of My Little Pony. This was the first released playset of the brand. It featured a light orange colored pony named Peachy, who has bright pink hearts for a symbol. Peachy joins Cotton Candy and Blossom in the ranks of popularity. Molded in the collectors pose, and being part of one of the most popular playsets, Peachy is an icon of the brand. An orange cat named Twinkles joined Peachy in this playset. The playset came with two hats, a saddle, bridle, blanket, a brush and a comb, a basket for Twinkles, and name tags for the original six, plus Peachy and Lemon Drop. The name tags could be attached to the white riser or stage on the pretty parlor. The walls of the parlor are decorated with stickers, a mirror, and hooks for accessories to be attached to. The entire play set folds up, for easy storage and transport. This playset was launched very early in year two, and originally came with a "Flat Foot" version of Peachy. After a limited release of the "Flat Foot" Peachy, she was remolded in the "Concave Foot" mold and was included in this playset. Peachy has been known to fade in the symbols and slightly in the hair. The faded version of Peachy (white/gray hearts)is most commonly found.

The Show Stable with Lemon Drop also appeared on the shelf in Year Two. This playset is in the shape of a stable, or house and came with all the accessories a pony would need. Included with this playset are 4 flags, 6 fences, 2 shelves, 2 hanging troughs, 3 award ribbons, 3 trophies, A-frame jump and pole jump, brush, comb, ribbon, saddle, bridle, blanket and a bed. Lemon Drop is joined by a brown dog named Brandy. Just like Peachy, there are a lot of variations of Lemon Drop, many however are just faded, and will have light purple/gray drops.