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Posted 22.9.2011 by Bunny

ilovemlp.com is in no way connected with the Hasbro, mylittlepony.com, ect. ilovemlp.com is a fan site created to help promote and show support for the brand My Little Pony. ilovemlp.com contains an original layout and graphics created by the Webmaster of this site and forbids the posting of any content from this site on to another without permission. Any exceptions to this will be posted by the content and will require a link for use of content. The images in the Collecting Gallery belong to the Webmaster, and are her personal property, which may only be used with written consent from her. ilovemlp.com may collect information for use with certain programs on the site, none of this information is sold or used for any reasons not listed. ilovemlp.com is a site created for people of all ages, this means children too. If any one is found posting anything on this site that is not suitable for children they will be blocked from use of this sites interactive features. If you have any questions about this site e-mail: The Webmaster
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